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Why are We Even Here

TechTarik is mainly a technology news website primarily focus on computer hardware, with occasional mobile phone  and software news. TechTarik also does review on them. Beside news, TechTarik will do regular blog post on technology that is not news item.

Our aim is not only to deliver fresh technology news to our audience, and also put in effort on uniting the technology community among Malaysia and beyond. We would be glad to share the fun and excitement of building your own PC, and ultimately encourage our audience to build their own PC.

Several news item might have commentary from our editor to illustrate and forecast the impact of the technology news on Malaysia market, and how our audience should response to it.

Future expansion will be on its way when TechTarik gains a certain amount of regular audience.

The name “TechTarik” was originally conceived in April 2018, and the domain for this address suppose to be .com, but someone already bought it.

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How to Use the Website

This website mainly consists of two pages, namely “news” and “blog”. Under these pages, all the corresponding articles/items will be shown.

User can use the search function on the sidebar to find older articles.

The Pipeline section will have five latest and most significant news headline.

The footer consists link to pages namely “About”, “Advertise”, “Contact” and “Privacy Policy”.

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